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Get ready for your session with this comprehensive yet compact online course offering an in-depth overview of non-monogamy and how to explore in a healthy way, while providing a key takeaway tool for safe exploration.

Play Party Prep: Concierge Session

Take everything you're learning to the next level with personalized, private guidance!

What you'll get:

  • 1 one-hour session.
  • Direct communication access to Ally via DM.
  • Lifetime access to an exclusive online community.

Session expires after 30 days.

What People Are Saying:

Ally just gets it. When I am in need of insight into a conflict regarding my partnerships, Ally leans in and really listens. Her responses are thoughtful and she takes my personality traits into account, which is a rare find in this space where boilerplate answers tend to be the norm. Not with Ally. Her dedication to my outcomes shines through in how she receives and gives words of encouragement, how she asks questions for clarity, and how she holds space for all of the emotions associated with the ups and downs of partnership. Her containers are safe and empathetic at their core. She is a wealth of knowledge, but more than that, she pours her heart into what she does with Passport 2 Pleasure and that makes all the difference.


Ally was a game-changer for my wife and I. Vibrantly demonstrating what it means to say an ‘enthusiastic yes’ to life’s possibilities and our own inner desires. She also demonstrated with equal gusto the power of ‘no’ as a means to keep space for what truly makes us feel nourished in the world. A perfect guide to brave new worlds, Ally’s one-of-a-kind mix of spiritual wisdom, sassy humor, and empathetic connection gave my wife and I much of the inspiration, and more importantly, the tools, to navigate this complicated but rewarding lifestyle.

Chris D.

Ally is an incredible guide. When my husband and I began exploring non-monogamy, Ally was instrumental in helping us navigate all the new terrain and uncertainty that comes along with it. Whether it’s identifying boundaries or finding new uncharted curiosities, Ally is able to hold the space for whatever emerges with so much care and heart. Her passion for working with the deeper levels of human experience is clear. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Lily M.