You want...

  • increased sexual exploration and variety

  • emotional connection with multiple partners

  • personal growth and self-discovery

  • excitement and novelty in your¬†relationship

  • freedom and autonomy in your relationships

  • honest and transparent communication

  • sexual fulfillment outside of¬†your primary relationship

  • to experience compersion (joy from your partner's joy)

  • deeper connection with your partner beyond monogamy

  • exploration and growth as individuals

But you...

  • struggle with jealousy and insecurity

  • ¬†are confused about boundaries and rules

  • lack effective communication skills

  • have difficulty scheduling and managing your time

  • ¬†have feelings of guilt or shame

  • ¬†worry about unequal attention or favoritism

  • ¬†can't handle¬†you or your partner's emotions

  • experience discomfort with societal norms and expectations

  • have difficulty finding compatible partners

  • ¬†find navigating non-monogamous communities challenging

And you're afraid of...

  • damaging your primary relationship

  • ¬†societal judgment and stigma¬†impacting your personal and professional life

  • rejection from potential new partners

  • losing intimacy with your partner

  • ¬†STIs and/or other health risks

  • ¬†your or your partner‚Äôs emotional attachments to secondary partners

  • ¬†uncertainty and the unknown

  • ¬†losing control over your relationship dynamics

  • relationship instability and potential breakup

  • ¬†being perceived as immoral or unethical

What you're doing isn't working.


'Monogamy or bust' is what we're taught, but it's not the reality. With monogamous divorce rates skyrocketing over 70%* and research showing that 20% of married men and 13% of married women have acknowledged cheating, 53.4% with individuals whom they already know very well, it's no wonder you're curious to see if there's another way.

Doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. If you want a mutually fulfilling, sustainable relationship with the highest probability of longevity, the sane thing to do would be to adventure outside of the one-size-fits-all status quo.

Whether you want to talk about non-monogamy with a new or long term partner but can't seem to find the right words or you've already tried opening your relationship and are now meeting challenges, it's time to get the support and guidance that you need + your relationship deserves.

There is a better way! Keep scrolling...

*first time marriages in median income households in CA.

It‚Äôs Time To¬†Fuck Around The World And Find Out‚ĄĘ

You can build a mutually fulfilling, sustainable relationship with the highest probability of longevity.




This comprehensive yet compact online course demystifies the landscape of healthy non-monogamy, providing everything you need to explore from vocabulary and terminology to understanding your Hierarchy of Needs to choosing your Ideal Relationship Structure and building your customized Relationship Agreement, a key takeaway tool that is imperative for safe exploration

Containing over 30 lessons rich with information, your transformative, healing voyage into the world of healthy non-monogamy starts here!

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MODULE 1: Introduction to Non-Monogamy

Explore all the relationship frameworks that fall under non-monogamy and uncover your Hierarchy of Needs to reveal your own Ideal Relationship Structure. Understanding your physical and emotional needs can breathe new life into your relationship. From defining important terms to exploring what non-monogamy can offer and also what it shouldn’t be used for, this module lays the foundation for a journey filled with trust, connection, and pleasure.

MODULE 2: Building A Strong Foundation

Imagine booking a trip not knowing your departure location or desired destination! In this module, you'll define your boundaries and expectations through clear, effective communication and informed consent, build trust and deepen intimacy in your partnership, and discover firsthand the power of authentic vulnerability. This is the ticket to getting from where you are to your desired relationship dynamic.

MODULE 3: Healing Past Trauma

Unveil the deep healing that’s possible through healthy non-monogamy and s e x-positive spaces. Learn how your past experiences inform and intertwine with your erotic wellness whether you’re aware of it or not. You will gain new insights on attachment styles and how understanding yours in a poly dynamic can have a powerful impact on your non-monogamous journey.

MODULE 4: Tools for Safer Exploration

Communication is the key to any successful relationship, especially when exploring non-monogamy. This module equips you with effective strategies for safer physical and emotional exploration, reveals the power of compersion, and transforms jealousy into your most powerful ally, creating a safe and consensual space for all.

MODULE 5: Sensual Power + Self-Exploration

Knowing and owning your innate sensual power can have a profound impact not only on your relationships, but on your career, finances, health, and more as well! This module is all about learning to understand your own unique desires and harnessing your sensuality while exploring it’s connection to your own personal growth.

MODULE 6: The Relationship Agreement

Whether you're monogamous or non-monogamous, this powerful tool is the KEY to creating a safe, healthy, and playful framework in which to grow and deepen. This module will guide you step-by-step through building your own customized Relationship Agreement. Regardless of where you're at in your relationship or on your non-monogamous journey, if you’re not using this tool, you’re risking success.



Imagine yourself in a sustainable relationship with...

‚úďmore¬†excitement and novelty through sexual exploration, variety, and¬†emotional connections with multiple partners

‚úďpersonal growth and self-discovery through exploring mutual freedom and autonomy

‚úďhonest and transparent communication leading to compersion and a deeper¬†connection with your partner

This course will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to make this dream a reality. You can be deeply in love and fully committed while exploring freely and safely!

Designed to elevate your connection and communication, this online course is your opportunity to dive into a world where love is limitless and every experience is an opportunity to strengthen the bond you share. 

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Hi there.


I help curious couples and individuals create and maintain the most mutually fulfilling, sustainable relationships with the highest probability of success and longevity. NBD.

Whether you call me a sexual wellness guide, The Non-Monogamy Nerd, or your carnal concierge, I'm committed to supporting you on your journey into healthy non-monogamy.

Society may put us into boxes, but that doesn't mean we have to stay there. So let's break free from who we think we should be and start living and loving the way we deserve.



Whether you're curious to explore non-monogamy as an additive experience to a solid relationship or you want to explore a third option outside of the forced-choice false binary of 'monogamy or divorce,' you're in the right place.

‚úďmore connection

‚úďdeeper intimacy

‚úďricher experiences

‚úďexplore without judgment

Anything worth doing is worth doing right. This course is your exclusive invitation to a world of deeper intimacy, more authentic connection, and safer sensual adventure.


Give yourself the gift of defying dismal stats to create your most fulfilling, sustainable relationship with the highest probability of success.

ENM 101: Exploring Healthy Non-Monogamy

A comprehensive yet compact online course exploring the landscape of healthy non-monogamy while providing a key takeaway tool that is imperative for safe exploration.

Over 30 lessons to help you:

‚úďLearn Vocabulary + Terminology

‚úďUnderstand Alternative Relationship Dynamics

‚úďDefine Your Hierarchy of Needs

‚úďDiscover Your Ideal Relationship Structure

‚úďBuild Your Customized Relationship Agreement

‚úďand more...

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