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I help curious and long term couples open up without blowing up. Experience freedom and security that lasts. Whether you're curious to learn more about healthy non-monogamy, wondering whether or not it's for you, or you're already exploring, I have everything you need to educate and empower yourself for the greatest possible journey.

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From Serial Monogamist to Non-Monogamy Nerd

I have been personally and professionally involved in the sex-positive space since 2016, when I first started exploring non-monogamy. Now I help curious couples and individuals discover their Ideal Relationship Structure creating fulfilling relationships with lifelong freedom.

"Ally was a game-changer for my wife and I. A perfect guide to brave new worlds, her one-of-a-kind mix of spiritual wisdom, sassy humor, and empathetic connection gave my wife and I much of the inspiration, and more importantly, the tools, to navigate this complicated but rewarding lifestyle."

Chris D, married open couple

"Ally is an incredible guide. When my husband and I began exploring non-monogamy, she was instrumental in helping us navigate all the new terrain and uncertainty that comes along with it. Whether it’s identifying boundaries or finding new uncharted curiosities, Ally is able to hold the space for whatever emerges with so much care and heart. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

 Lily M, married open couple


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