ENM 101: Exploring Healthy Non-Monogamy

A comprehensive yet compact online course offering an overview of non-monogamy and how to explore, while providing a key tool imperative for safe and healthy exploration.

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Private Guidance Sessions

This 6-session concierge package walks you through the four phases of The Invested Relationship Blueprint (Inventory, Design, Build, Maintain) to create the lifelong expansive relationship of your dreams.

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Fuck Around The World and Find Out ™ Eco-Luxury Retreats

An immersive 4-day journey of intimacy and self-discovery in an exclusive, romantic setting for curious couples exploring consensual non-monogamy.

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Play Party Prep: Concierge Appt

This private session will completely prepare you for a play party from outfit choice to toy selection, conversation starters to faux pas.

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Play Party Prep: Just The Tips

This handy PDF contains two checklists with everything you need to get ready and excited to explore a play party with confidence!

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