You're not wrong for being curious about non-monogamy. In fact, it's healthy to seek out the relationship dynamic best for you.


Even if you prefer monogamy, learning all the tools required for non-monogamy will still greatly benefit your relationship.


A relationship without freedom isn't partnership, it's ownership. Mutual freedom through clearly defined boundaries is essential.

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As a speaker, community organizer, and non-monogamy educator and practitioner since 2016, I'm dedicated to fostering healthy relationships through private guidance, eco-luxury retreats, and a wealth of online courses and resources for anyone exploring alternative relationship dynamics. I sit on the leadership board of one of the most distinguished sensually-creative nightlife events in Los Angeles known as The Play, where I am committed to promoting consensual, empowered, and respectful interactions within the sex-positive space. I continuously share my knowledge and insights on podcasts, at live events, and in various consumer and industry publications, and I'm so thrilled to finally be able to bring together all my knowledge and experience here, in one place.


If our world leaders were better fucked, we'd be less fucked. And I mean healthier, more authentic relationships.


I don't fuck around about¬†fucking around.¬†Curious? Join¬†me so we can¬†Fuck Around The World and¬†Find Out.‚ĄĘ


Non-monogamy can't save your marriage, but it could save your divorce. Discover the 4 phases of The Limitless Love Formula.



After far too long a tenure as a serial monogamist, dating only men for around 2 years at a time, I started to realize there might be something different about me, but I didn’t know the first thing about non-monogamy or that there were even other options.

In 2016, after yet another messy breakup, I decided this was something I needed to explore about myself, by myself. I didn’t want any more emotional casualties on my conscience. Shortly thereafter, through a delightful one afternoon stand, I was unexpectedly invited to a private, sensually-curated event.

My first party within this community was deeply confirming and fulfilling. I attended solo and had an incredible time. I knew I had found my home. I’ve been in this sex-positive, consciously kinky space ever since, immersing myself in every way I can from attending workshops to hosting events and large parties to consuming books and classes galore. I’m nerding out and it’s hot AF.

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"Ally just gets it. Her containers are safe and empathetic at their core. She is a wealth of knowledge, but more than that, she pours her heart into what she does."

J.C., monogamish


"When I am in need of insight into a conflict regarding my partnerships, Ally leans in and really listens. Her responses are thoughtful and she takes my personality traits into account, which is a rare find in this space where boilerplate answers tend to be the norm." 

Jessica, poly